Crossroads Community Garden

The goal of this project is to provide fresh vegetables and fruit to the Nevada County, California residents who need it. It will provide a nature outlet for people who want to work outside and get good exercise.

This area was once an old gravel parking area with poor drainage.

A new French drain was installed by Todd Daniels.

6 yds. of base rock was installed for the access road from the entry to the lawn.

The materials for the raised beds were donated by Diamond Pacific of Auburn.

On October 14, 2023, 30 volunteers showed up to build 11 of the 12 4’x12′ raised beds.

Small beds will be built along the fence for vines like grapes, raspberries, peas and beans.

The 1/2″ square vinyl fabric was installed under each bed to keep out the gophers and voles. Then soil was installed over the fabric. This soil is just a filler because the roots of the plants will probably not penetrate this layer. A good soil/compost mix will be installed on top of this layer for the planting medium.

Somebody donated 10 yds. of composted horse manure and some high school students from Foresthill Christian school put it in the beds.

Somebody donated this beautiful Tuff Shed to the community garden to store the tools and supplies and to mount the controller.

Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply donated the soil to fill up all the beds.

The soil was mixed with the horse manure and then planted with nursery started plants and seeds. Vinyl netting was placed over the seeds to protect from birds and deer.

Holes for future fruit trees.

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  1. Linda Press Wulf says:

    Hi Barry,
    What a great job.
    I am thinking of doing something like this for a friend. I wonder if the corrugated metal sides will heat up the soil too much? I understand there is are cost and longevity benefits to using the metal but what about the temperature?
    Also, does the metal leach into the soil at all?
    Thanks for sharing this.

    1. The metal is aluminum and doesn’t transfer heat as much as other metals. The soil in the first inch may get warm but it will insulate all the other soil from the heat. Since it is a vertical surface the sun never hits directly on it.
      Aluminum is not a plant nutrient so it is not actively taken up by plants

    2. Linda,

      Sorry I didn’t answer sooner. I just noticed your message. The corrugated metal is aluminum and it won’t hurt the soil. The soil on the south side might get warm but if the bed is regular irrigated the roots won’t burn.


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