Paripuma Garden, Weldon House

On our second day in Blenheim, NZ we saw the Paripuma Garden, lunched at the Allen Scott Family Winemakers vineyard and visited Welton House Garden.


As you can see from the first photo, the grass is getting drier in the hills and there will be more watering required in gardens on the South Island. Few of the gardens on the north island are irrigated.

The garden is right on the eastern coast of the South Island of NZ and you can walk up to the waves. The garden is about 35 acres and is maintained by the owners, a husband and wife team.

Perennial Garden:

Fairy Wand (Dierama pendulum ‘Album’)

Giant Feather Grass (Stipa gigantea)

Chives (Allium schoenoprasum)

New variety of Marguerite (Argyranthemum cv.)

White Marguerite (Argyranthemum cv.)

What the perennial garden looked like last summer from an article in the ‘New Zealand Gardener Magazine’.

Grandchildren’s Garden:

Vegetable Garden:

Interior photos:


We ate lunch here at this well landscaped winery:

African Daisy

Marlborough Rock Daisy


This garden is about 5 acres on a piece of land that is much larger. There is a B&B on the larger property which has a 2 acre garden and another residence on the other side of the vineyard. A brother and sister team along with 2 1/2 full time gardeners maintain these properties.

The house was built in 1907 and the owner has owned it since 2004. Views from the house and deck:

Swimming pool and “pillow” pruning of the Corokia:

Vegetable garden:

Garden around house:


Deck pots:

Perennial garden:

Aloe and Iris

Euphorbia griffithii and yellow Kniphofia

Corydalis flexuosa

Ixia virdiflora?

Primula japonicum

Primula bulleyana?

Dianthus carthusianorum

Other interesting plants:

Silver Tree (Leucadendron argenteum)

Rocket Pincushion (Leucospermum reflexum)

Island Alum Root (Heuchera maxima)

Chinese Ground Orchid (Bletilla striata)

Meadow Rue (Thalictrum sp.)

The field behind the house next to the vineyard will be developed for the birds by leaving it natural and adding some native seed producing plants. The sheep will be allowed to renovate it once a year.

Tomorrow – The west coast

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