Lake Garda

The largest lake in Italy is Lake Garda and we visited 2 wonderful gardens there today.


There are so many plants in the Heller Garden that there is no chance for a weed to get established. There are plants everywhere among the tall trees.

It is a whimsical garden with a lot of colorful mosaic tiles set in the paths and many unusual sculptures.

There are many water features but the most interesting are the creeks which start at the top pond then split and go down both sides of the property clear to the bottom. The water flows everywhere so the sound is heard throughout the garden.

The turtles have their own pond.

Bonsai collection

Monkey Puzzle Tree (Araucaria araucana)


We approach the island by boat to view the magnificence of this 7 story palace.

It will take you 5 minutes to watch these videos of our guide explaining the history of the garden if you are interested.

The English garden has a lot of clipped hedges and roses with straight pathways.

The Italian garden is on the second level and has many intricately trimmed hedges.There are 4 gardeners to take care of the whole island.

In the greenhouse the owner grows Pelargoniums and Geraniums and she takes care of them herself at 82 years old.

The wall that the Franciscan monks built in the 13th century.

The grotto is a cool place to come on a hot day.

We took a break on the terrace for some snacks and to taste the olive oil from the acres of olive trees the owner owns.

Details of the upper terrace architecture. Notice the frescos painted on the ceiling.

View of the lower gardens from above.

Interesting Plants:

Nemesia strumosa

Lewisia cotyledon

Bear’s Breech (Acanthus mollis)

The bridge to the second island.

Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum)

Children’s playhouse

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