The Pilgrim’s Path

In the medieval period people who traveled from northern Italy to Rome needed stops along the way where they could sleep and get something to eat. A route called Francigena (or Pilgrim Path) was developed that people could travel with rest stops every few miles for food, water and a bed.


This is a walled medieval town on the Pilgrim Path that was built 1100-1300.

The town had a high rock wall, 2 gates and 14 towers. The soldiers who lived here were guarding the route to Siena.

They let you walk on the ramp on top of the wall so you can get good views of Monteriggioni and the surrounding countryside.

This is a a small hotel in Monteriggioni carrying on the tradition of the Pilgrim Path.

Small chapel

Medieval wagon where you buy tickets.


This is another walled town along the Pilgrim Path.

Our guide explains why this town is important besides helping the Pilgrims.

We tourists are Pilgrims today buying food at cafés and merchandise from vendors.

This town is sometimes called “town of fine towers” because the wealthy were able to build them. They were taxed on the area that they occupied on the ground so if they built a tower their taxes were not any more.

There were 72 towers but only 14 remain today. The building on the right had additional floors added but the same stone was not used. To the left the tower was removed and a new style of residence was built.

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