Villa La Pietra

It was a rainy day but I still got some good pictures of one of the most beautiful gardens in the hills above Florence, Italy.

The entry drive is long and lined with Italian Cypresses which were planted over 100 years ago.

The villa was built in 1470 as a farmhouse and remodeled many times until Lord Acton came to live there in the late 19th century. Lord Acton had the garden redone in the early 20th century resulting in what you see today.

The land is 65 acres and is owned by the Florence branch of New York University and is used for foreign study.

Most of the garden is in back of the villa and comprises about 5 acres and consists of many fountains, staircases, hedges and statues in a formal setting.

There are few flowers but a lot of lawn and hedges. The smaller hedges are English Boxwood and the taller are Grecian Laurel and Italian Cypress.

Most of the trees are Italian Stone Pine (Pinus pinea), Italian Cypress (Cupressus sempervirens) and Holly Oak (Quercus ilex).

Several arbors support Wisteria vines and Lady Banks Roses.

The fountains and the birds are always making pleasant sounds in the garden.

The food garden on the side of the villa produces citrus, grapes, potatoes, artichokes and vegetables.

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