Villa Gamberaia

About 55 years ago I took a class in garden history at UCB. I wondered if I would ever get to see any of those gardens and today I did. My professor said that Villa Gamberaia was a perfect example of a renaissance garden using the views to enhance the landscape.


The grey color of the Olives and their rolling forms are a beautiful contrast to the dark green vertical spikes of the Italian Cypress.

Note the beautiful overlapping forms of the boxwoods.

The use of color in this garden is very restrained but the contrast between the pink roses and powder blue water is very effective.

The repetition of the citrus pots is a simple and effective way of unifying the garden.

Old items with a patina give character to a garden.


Azaleas in huge pots

Rosa banksiae ‘Lutea’

(Not fragrant)

Rosa banksise ‘Alba Plena’




Bougainvillea spectabilis

Villa Gamberaia was built in the early 1600’s and partially destroyed during the 2nd World War. It is now available for weddings, celebrations and B&B.

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  1. Linda Press Wulf says:

    This is my favorite of all the gardens you’ve showed, Barry. Thank you for sharing your trip.


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