Replace Lawn with Plants

Buzz and Sue’s front lawn in Auburn was using too much water so they asked me to replace it with perennials, grasses and shrubs. This is a chronology of the job:

The lawn had 2 trees which were going to be left but pruned.

The lawn was sprayed to kill the Bermuda Grass.

The dead lawn was removed and placed into a 6 yd. debris box and then new soil was placed over the old soil.

The plants were delivered to the side yard and we waited until the rain stopped.

I laid out the plants placing the larger plants in the background and the lower ones in the foreground. The variegated plants (Carex, Pittosporum and Liriope) were placed at strategic places in the landscape for accents. The design was done in the field, not on paper.

It took a full day for my crew of 2 to plant this area. The plants are planted 2″ high so the mulch will not touch the trunk of the plants.

The next 2 non-rain days involved installing the drip irrigation system. We converted one of the existing spray valves to drip by adding a pressure reducer and filter.

2″ of shredded cedar was applied to cover drip pipe and cover all the ground between plants. The mulch was kept away from the trunk of all plants to prevent crown rot.

Job was finished on Dec. 23, 2021. I will post photos periodically that will show the growth.

Here are photos of April, 2022 – 5 months old:

Here are the photos of October 22, 2023 – almost 2 years old:

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