A Walk Through Takayama

Takayama is the largest prefecture capital city in Japan but is has the smallest population – 80,000. It is located up in the mountains which are now snow covered.

It has been very cold here – in the 30’s in the morning and up to 45 in the afternoon. Snow is forecast for tomorrow.

Today has been a day of walking around Takayama, visiting the Miyagawa morning market, visiting Takayama Jinya (historical government office), making traditional Japanese food for lunch, visiting Funasaka Sake brewer for sake tasting and visiting the Daio-ji Temple. Since I don’t drink or cook I took the time off and walked around Takayama and took these pictures:

”Starbucks” Coffee

The Japanese create beauty even in manhole sewer covers and tree grates.

Japanese Red Pine (Pinus densiflora)

Japanese carpentry excellence is unparalleled.

Lunch prepared by the other people in the group.

Peony flower bud

Many streets in Takayama have this rustic feel.

Water from the Miyagawa River flows in channels past places of business.

Takayama Jinya served as the administrative headquarters for the Takayama region from 1693 to 1868.

Koi live wild in the Miyagawa River.

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