Bay Area Jobs

Here are some photos and videos of our jobs in the Bay Area in July, 2018.

Danville job:

Here is a close-up photo of the winery roof which we planted with succulents, grasses and herbs.

The following video is of a job we have in Piedmont, CA that is under construction. It shows the front yard with the grading in process and the back yard with the patio completed. The owners wanted a lot of lawn but the state of California passed the WELO law in 2015 which limited lawn to a maximum of 25% of the outdoor area. The city of Piedmont has recently started to enforce this law which dramatically limits the amount of water you can use in the landscape.

As a result of this law the owners will not be able to plant the plants that they want in their garden. Since they have a maximum water use requirement they will only be able to use low water plants such as Agapanthus, Manzanita, Olive, grasses.

The following photos show the patio construction in process.

The following videos and photos show the process of forming and pouring the driveway.

Here is the drainage system out to the street.

Here are some of the plants waiting at the nursery for this job.

Driveway completed

The sod is delivered on pallets.

Here are some photos taken after the lawn and plants have been planted.

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