Trip Review and Summary

April 27
South African flag

Total miles traveled: 27,967

Animals seen:

Elephants, rhinos, giraffes,
hippos, monkeys, baboons, impalas, kudos, sable, Antelope, civet, many many birds, leopards, Cape buffalo, zebra, mongoose, scrub hare, ostrich, hyrax


54 on Bath Hotel, Johannesburg
Victoria Falls Hotel, Zimbabwe
Chobe Marina Lodge, Botswana
Royal Zambezi Lodge, Zambia
The Table Bay Hotel, Cape Town

Types of vehicles traveled in:

Land Cruiser
Aerial Cable
ZIP line

Hours of airplane time:
SF to Dubai – 16
Dubai to Johannesburg – 8
Johannesburg to Livingston, Zambia – 2
Livingston to Lower Zambezi Nat Park- 1
L. Zambezi Nat. Park to Lusaka – 30 min.
Lusaka, Zambia to Johannesburg – 2
Johannesburg to Cape Town – 2
Cape Town to Dubai – 10
Dubai to SF – 16
Total – 57.5

Was it worth it? Yes, without a doubt.


Tyler – Sable
Corinne – Civet
Corrie – Gecko
Glenn – Monkey
Barry – Elephant

Tyler – Chobe Marina Lodge
Corinne – Royal Zambezi Lodge
Corrie – Royal Zambezi Lodge
Glenn – Chobe Marina Lodge
Barry – Chobe Marina Lodge

Tour or place:
Tyler – Cape of Good Hope
Corinne – Namibia village
Corrie – Kasane shopping
Glenn – Victoria Falls
Barry – Kirstenbosch Botanical


What a fantastic trip this has been. Any other tour that I will take in the future will be an anti-climax to this. It was amazing to see so many animals in such a small area of the earth. I can’t believe what I have been taught my whole life about evolution creating all life on earth. Only a Great God Designer could create such diversity that we saw in the animal and plant life in Africa. I can’t thank Darwin so I am thanking God for his beautiful creation.


For those of you who have read all 19 of the blog posts that I have written during the African trip you get a prize. You can claim the prize if you come to Dawn
Gardens open gardens on May 26 9-5 or May 27 12-5. The address is 14446 Perimeter Rd. , Grass Valley 95949. See you there.


Note: Glenn is an excellent photographer and he has given me some of his African photos which I will insert into several different blog posts during the coming week. I especially like the video of Corrie on the Zip line which I will insert in the Victoria Falls Bridge post.

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