Chobe River Cruise

April 16

Today and yesterday we took a 2-3 hr. ride on the Chobe River on a boat that can get close to shore. Here are some photos and videos that show what we saw.


Mom and baby come out of the bush


Baby learning how to drink


Hippos are common in shallow waters. At first all we saw were bumps in the water:

In the video below you can see that the hippo’s were getting wild and bumping the boat.

In the video below you can see most of the hippo’s body.

In the video below you can see the whole hippo’s body which is rare as they are usually under water.


We saw many crocodiles but not much action. They just laid around on the shore not doing much except yawning once in awhile. But their eyes are open and they can move fast if they see something they want to eat. They can get up to 18’ long and live up to 120 years.


There are many monkeys along the shore. They come to drink the water and bask in the sun.

Looking for hippos

Chobe River sunsets

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