Tyrol Castle

The post on Trauttmansdorff Garden was too long so I will post the rest of the day’s activities on this new post.

Some scenes on our way to the castle. There were a couple of castles along the way and apple orchards.

The Tyrol Castle that we saw was a complex of several buildings inside and built on top of a huge wall.

We were allowed to go inside and take pictures. Note the huge beams and ornate door.

Inside the castle is this small chapel.

We climbed this tower to the top and enjoyed the view along the way.

This is the view from the top.

Note the sounds of the birds here.


We traveled to Bolzano to see the South Tyrol Museum of Archeology and view Otzi, the Ice Man that was discovered in the Italian Alps back in the 1980’s. His age is estimated to be 5100-5300 years. The photo above is not his actual body but a substitute. His actual body is in a refrigerated room to protect it. We saw his actual body but we were not allowed to take photos.

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