Val d’Orica

Val d’Orcia is a beautiful valley south of Florence that has received the UNESCO World Heritage Site Award.

The rolling hills and pointed cypress trees earn the status of being in the sets of many movies.


Entrance courtyard

The view from the La Foce garden to the valley is spectacular.

The precisely cut boxwood hedges contrast beautifully with the green lawn.

The paths, steps and walls are softened by plantings of Aubrieta, Campanula, Valarian and Wisteria.

The Wisteria arbor leads you to the view of the valley.



Lilac (Syringa vulgaris cv.)


First of 5 courses for lunch

Main street of San Quirico

Rings for horse reins

City park


Graziella Soldiers is the owner of the Soldiers Winery and of the Case Basse Garden.

The garden is planted next to the vineyard. The man in the suit is one of the 2 gardeners who work 7 days a week taking care of the 8 acre garden. The day we were there was Sunday, Mother’s Day and they were even working then.

Graziella loves roses and she has some huge ones. There was no overall plan for this garden; she just started planting in 1978.

She also likes Peonies.

The garden was started by removing much of the Forest which was mostly Oaks, Chestnuts and Cypress. She has planted trees, shrubs and perennials for 44 years.

The lawn makes a beautiful setting for the perennial garden.

The white garden

This sculpture was made from the symbol of Soldier’s Wines.


Columbine (Aquilegia cv. )

Peony & Iris

Euphorbia & Salvia

Bridal Wreath (Spiraea)

Just before we left I saw one of the gardeners watering the plants with a watering can. Evidently not all the plants are covered by the drip system. What makes beautiful gardens great is a dedicated gardener.

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