Storm Damage at Dawn Gardens

During the weekend of October 23rd and 24th, 2021, a huge storm came into Northern California and dumped 10″ of rain. With the rain and wind came the destruction of 3 Oak trees, a huge pine branch and a weeping willow at Dawn Gardens.

One Oak tree outside the fence fell into another Oak tree and both of them had to be removed.

Climbing these trees to cut off the branches is a dangerous job. These guys have all the necessary equipment and experience to do the job.

The Weeping Willow fell into the lower pond requiring the tree guys to get into the water to remove it. Once the tree was taken out the view was better from this vantage point but not as good from the front.

This is the stump of the weeping Willow. I am hoping that the stump sprout will grow back into a tree in a few years.

One week later

Two weeks later.

6 months later

8 months later and staked

9 months later and heavy pruning

The largest Digger Pine in the world lost a branch so it had to be cut off.

The branch is lowered by a rope so the plants below would not be damaged.

The stub is cut off.

The Pine branch had to be cut up. Unfortunately nobody wants it for firewood so it had to be disposed of by putting it in our fire pile.

The guys can get down from the trees fast.

Maintaining the world’s largest Digger Pine is expensive but Dawn Landscaping is committed to doing it as long as we can.

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