Three Sisters Sanctuary and Eastern States Exposition – Sep. 17, 2021

Some were worried about rain today but it turned out to be cloudy and foggy for part of the day. On the hour trip to NW Massachusetts we encountered beautiful scenery – green fields and forests.


The three sisters are the owner’s daughters and when one of them died there was great trauma. He decided to make his garden and house a memorial to her and to others who have passed on. People started to bring him memorabilia and trinkets to help them remember their loved ones.

He has 8 acres of land 4 of which are wetland:

The other 4 acres are a memorial garden. He has one full time gardener who does the planting, mows the lawn, waters and controls the weeds.

The following video is a sequence of scenes moving from one part of the garden to another:

The owner has other sculptures placed around the garden made by local artists:

Sculpture made from electrical parts:

Sculpture made from brake shoes


This is the largest state fair east of the Mississippi. If you are a plant nerd like me you probably won’t be interested in this post but I found a few flowers at the fair which I will put in here.

This fair is for 6 states: Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine:

Here are some random photos and videos that I took while walking around in the afternoon:

Tomorrow – Vermont Gardens

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