Landscape Job From Start to Finish

Bob and Sandy asked Dawn Landscaping to install a new front garden for their residence in Auburn, CA.

The existing front yard had a lawn on a slope with 4 trees – 3 Birch and 1 Purple Leaf Plum. The water would always run off the lawn and was wasted down the street. The new drip system will save more than 50% in water usage.

The sod was cut and hauled to the dump and the plum tree was removed and the stump was ground.

A mini-excavator was rented and the soil was excavated for the rock wall.

Irrigation boxes were installed as well as valves, filters and pressure reducers for the drip system.

The rocks for the wall were delivered along with the DG to serve as a base. Note that the wall was built with occasional spaces between the rocks for future plants.

Note that the backside of the wall is very rough. 1/8″ tubing was put through the wall for future irrigation of the wall plants.

The Bermudagrass from the old lawn is coming back so I sprayed it with herbicide.

Tubing was placed in the larger holes in the wall to water future wall plants.

Steppingstones were placed in the garden with a DG base.

Walls and grading are completed.

Soil was delivered and spread out. 7 yds. total.

The plants were delivered and laid out in one day.

Planting and irrigation took 2 days. We installed 2 emitters on each plant.

Shredded cedar mulch was delivered and spread 2″ thick to keep out the weeds. We have found that shredded cedar is the best mulch to stop the weeds because it is a finely knit matrix.

Job was finished on 8/8/21 but I will come back and take pictures periodically and post them here on the blog.

One month old – 9/8/21

2 months old 10/9/21

4 months old – December 2021.

5 months old – January, 2022. Iberis and Dianthus in bloom

7 months – March, 2022

9 Months – May 2022

11 months – July, 2022

Almost 2 years – May, 2023

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  1. It will be amazing when it fills in. We so need to redo our front lawn!

  2. Linda Press Wulf says:

    Great post, showing each step.

  3. Julie Magowan says:

    I love the step-by-step pictures…would love to know what the various plants you used are. It looks really nice…especially the rock wall…i have a front slope too, and would love to redo it…

    1. I can send you a plant list via email when I get home from the Bay Area. Send me an email to remind me


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