Viburnums are a varied genus of deciduous and evergreen shrubs with beautiful flowers and blue or red fruit.


Doublefile Viburnum (Viburnum plicatum tomentosum ‘Mariesii’)

Viburnum ‘Summer Snowflake’

Viburnum plicatum tomentosum ‘Molly Schroeder’

European Cranberry Bush (Viburnum opulus)

Common Snowball (Viburnum opulus ‘Roseum’)

Viburnum opulus ‘Aureum’

Viburnum dentatum

Viburnum lentago

Viburnum carlcephalum

Viburnum rhytidophylloides ‘Allegheny’


Viburnum davidii

Laurustinus (Viburnum tinus ‘Spring Bouquet‘)

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