Lilies are the queens of the early summer garden. They are tall, sometimes reaching 8’ to 10’. There are many new dwarf hybrids that are 1’-2’ tall.

These photos show the range of colors that are available:

If Lilies are growing well in the right conditions they will not need staking. They prefer part shade but if they get too much shade the stems get elongated and they will need staking.

Sometimes a trellis may be available to tie the lilies to.

Newer hybrids have been developed that are much shorter and don’t need staking.

Lilies are excellent cut flowers if you can find a vase large enough for them. They will last more than 2 weeks in water.

Most lilies are native to Asia but Lilium pardalinum is a native California Lily

New sprouts of Lilies whose bulbs have been in the ground all winter.

Note that roots are sprouting from the stem of the lily. That means it is better to plant the bulbs deep (more than 6″) so they may not need staking.

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