Being the most popular flower in the United States I thought that Dawn Gardens should have a rose garden. I had my daughter, Corrie, lay out the paths with flags and then my crew came up from the Bay Area and installed the steel edging and the DG (decomposed granite) paths.

Here are some of the 150 roses at Dawn Gardens:

Miniature Roses

Miniature roses have small flowers but the plant can be as large as other roses – 1-6’.

Old Country Charm

Minnie Pearl

My Sunshine


Bee’s Knees



Climbers need to be tied to a trellis, fence or cable.

Buff Beauty


Newport Fairy

Purple Splash


The Impressionist


Yellow Lady Banks Rose

Dancing in the Wind


The Snake – very fragrant

English Roses

Tea Clipper

Pride of England

Charles Austin

Lawrence of Arabia

Jude the Obscure

Brother Cadfael

Happy Child

Geoff Hamilton

Modern Hybrids

Nice Day

Lazy Susan

Easy Does It



Double Delight

Dark Night

Fired Up

Sally Holmes


Black Spot – This is a fungus disease that is common on roses on the spring. The fungus spores are spread by splashing rain. As long as it is raining it is a difficult disease to control unless you spray a fungicide on the foliage often.

The leaves will turn yellow and drop off. They should be raked up and disposed of in the garbage so they are not around to spread the disease. The disease automatically goes away in the summer when the rain stops unless you spray irrigate. In that case be sure to irrigate in the morning so the foliage is not wet at nights because it takes several hours of standing water on the foliage for the spores to germinate.

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