What is the Difference Between Hamamelis and Fothergilla?

These 2 plants have always confused me because they both have flowers made up of stamens. The main difference is one blooms early in the winter and the other blooms in mid spring.

This is Hamamelis intermedia ‘Jelena’ commonly called Witch Hazel. It is a large shrub that can reach 15’. This plant is about 6’ and 8 years old. It blooms from the end of January through the middle of February. There are many varieties with different colors of flowers from red to yellow to orange.

After the stamens (or pistils) fall off the colorful calyx is shown.

Fall foliage color of Hamamelis.

This is Fothergilla gardenii also known as Witch Alder. It blooms in April with white stamens. There are no other colors.

May 15 the flowers are finished.

Fall color (October 15) on plant growing in part shade.

Fall color (October 15) on plant growing in full sun.

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