Hiroshima – City of Tragedy to City of Beauty

The children of Japan gathered together to make a peace memorial for Hiroshima. They made thousands of paper cranes and delivered them to Hiroshima. They are on display now at the Peace Memorial Park along with a sculpture and a bell.

We visited Peace Memorial Park where many memorials are placed in memory of the 140,000 who were killed in the atomic blast back in 1945.

The A-bomb Dome Memorial is the remains of a government building that was very close to center of the blast zone.

Later we went to the Peace Memorial Museum and looked at their very graphic displays most of which I won’t show you here.

Before and after

Dinner in Hiroshima

The restaurant is called Full Focus and the food is called okonomiyaki or Japanese pancakes. Delicious.

This is a series of short videos showing how the pancakes are made:

The next video shows how large this restaurant is.

City of Hiroshima from my hotel room:

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