Gold in Japan

Kanazawa is a large city in Japan with a population of 500,000. Here is produced 99% of all gold leaf in the country.

Hakukokan Gold Leaf Center

Gold leaf is used for many ornamental purposes and some electronic uses.

The process starts out with an ignot of gold which is flattened into a ribbon which is cut into squares and placed between sheets of paper and then hammered with a machine shown below:

The sheets are now 1/10,000 m. thick which is about as thick as 600 atoms. Then the lady in the following video cuts them out in squares.

The gold leaf then can be used for jewelry, wallpaper, screens, dishes, food and art.


Serving trays




Food – brownies with gold frosting. Gold is edible and will not harm your body.

Drinks- Vodka with gold sparkles

Ice cream cone with gold leaf.

Everybody in our group got to make a plate with a gold emblem.

Namura Family House

The Namura Family house is an old Samurai house that has been restored in Kanazawa.

The building itself features exquisite detailing and wood work but the garden is one of the best in Japan.

Kanazawa from our hotel.

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