South Africa

April 21

Chapman’s Bay near Cape Town, South Africa

April 20
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Our chartered plane flew in to pick us up in Zambia and flew us to Lusaka, the capital of Zambia. We caught a plane to Johannesburg where we caught another plane to Cape Town. We were on a plane or in an airport for most of the day.

April 21

We started a day of touring by visiting Table Mountain in Cape Town.

We took the aerial cableway up to the top which is about 3300’ above sea level. The cable cars have a ballast of 1000 gallons of water which it transports to the top for the rest rooms and Table Mountain Cafe at the top. The next video was taken on the way up.

When we got to the top, the view was spectacular.

The plant life on Table Mountain is even more spectacular. There are more than 8200 species of plants on and around Table Mountain. That is the most in the world except for the Amazon.

The plants fit in beautifully with the rocks. The whole mountain looks like a landscaped rock garden.

There is an interesting animal on the Mountain called the dassie. Very tame.

We traveled south by bus down to the Cape of Good Hope viewing many beautiful coastal scenes on the way.

As a geographer Tyler wanted to get his picture at this sign.

We also stopped at the Penguin colony:

Corrie spotted some ostriches along the road so the driver stopped for us to take pictures. One of the guests on our trip had an ostrich stake for dinner and said it was delicious and very lean with no cholesterol.

The South African flora is very beautiful and the plants are gaining more and more popularity in California.

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