Giraffes in Chobe National Park

April 15

Giraffes are the tallest land animals in the world. They are easy to see; that is why we found quite a few in the park.

Giraffes eat foliage up in the tree canopy. They prefer Acacia trees and they occasionally eat bark. They usually eat about 75 pounds of foliage each day. All the giraffes we found were close to a waterhole. They tend to feed in the early mornings and later afternoons. The rest of the day they chew their cud like cows.

When the mother giraffes give birth they do it standing and the baby falls clear to the ground head first. The mothers clean the babies up and within a day they are getting around normally. The babies are 6’ tall when they are born.

The hunters

Other animals in Chobe National Park:

Kudzu antelope eating salt from the soil.


Sable Antelope with ox-picker bird on top


Termite Hill

Birds- this video shows how many birds there are in Southern Africa. Too many to see and photograph.

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