In Search for the Elusive Rhinoceros

April 12

Joining me in the search for the rhinoceros in the Stanley Livingston National Park in Zimbabwe are Tyler, Corrine, Corrie and Glenn.

We know that they like waterholes like this so we travel through the park on the lookout for waterholes and huge animals. Our guide tells us that there are only 12 rhinoceros in the whole park of thousands of acres.

All of a sudden we come across a waterhole with a giraffe drinking water. Notice how he has to bend his knees to reach the water. This is the most venerable time for the giraffe because lions can easily attack him in this position.

As we continue our search we find many other animals such as monkeys, baboons, impala, buffalo and more giraffes. The buffalo are the second most dangerous animal in Africa (next to the hippopotamus). They can charge anything in their way and gore them to death.

Our guide gets a call on his radio that a rhinoceros has been spotted not too far away. We speed to the location and find 3 rhinoceros crossing the road.

There are many birds in the park but they are hard to get into a photo. We saw several zebras but our guide says they are shy so difficult to photograph.

This is the truck of a government worker who is hired to chase down poachers. The poachers try to take the tusks of elephants and the horns of the rhinoceros. They sell them for thousands of dollars.

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